Prishtina, Kosovo 29 April - 1 May 2023

S2: Model European Union 2023

The Model European Union event took place at University of Hasan Pristina (UP) from 29th April to 1st May 2023. This simulation is part of Erasmus + Jean Monnet Networking Linking to Europe at the Periphery (LEAP) project, currently being conducted by six partner universities, ODTÜ (Ankara), ESOGÜ (Eskişehir), SNSPA (Romania), IFNUL (Ukraine), Hasan Prishtina (Kosovo), and Ilia State University (Georgia). In this model EU event, we brought together students from the partner universities in Pristina to simulate the European Council discussion.

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About the EU Simulation:
Model EU also referred to as MEU will be a three-day simulation of the European Union’s legislative process (formally referred to as the co-decision procedure). Participants will receive preparation materials on the agenda items in the lead-up to the conference which will be prepared by the Secretariat. MEU will simultaneously simulate two institutions of the EU: The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. Within the simulation the students will be able to choose from the roles of:
  • Members of the European Parliament (MEPs),
  • Ministers of the Council of the European Union,
  • Journalists,
  • Lobbyists,
  • Representatives of civil society.

By taking up the role of MEP or Minister, students will learn how to negotiate under the constant scrutiny of Journalists and Lobbyists who will report and try to influence every move they make. As a Lobbyist, students will learn how to challenge and persuade MEPs and Ministers so that they support your position. As a Journalist, students will be responsible with following every move of the MEPs, Ministers and Lobbyists and reporting it back to the public in an accurate and objective manner.

On the first day of the simulation, the participants attended a workshop on the Rules of Procedure of the MEU, in order to make the simulation as realistic as possible and to familiarize themselves with decision-making processes in a MEU simulation. The simulation started with a presentation of the European Commission's proposals for the agenda item in the Parliament as well as in the Council. In the remaining days, students debated the agenda items, ordered party-group meetings, and proposed amendments to the proposal of the European Commission. On the final day, students cast their final votes on each proposal. In addition, MEPs and Ministers had to justify their actions at press conferences, and journalists reported on the decision-making process throughout the conference in the MEU newspaper and in video news reports. Apart from the formal sessions of the Parliament and the Council, additional informal meetings also took place, such as meetings required by different political groups in the Parliament.

The simulation promoted intercultural exchange and, at the same time, provided students with a hands-on experience of the EU by fostering a broader EU awareness. Moreover, students had the opportunity to improve their debating, negotiating, and teamwork skills.

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Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union