Eskisehir, Turkey 15-16 October 2022

W3: Contesting Europe

The success of the European Union project has been largely undermined in the last two decades by several disturbances including the Eurozone crisis, the unprecedented influx of migrants, the Brexit process, the rise of far-right parties, Covid-19 pandemic, and more recently the war in Ukraine, all provoking the anti-EU sentiments not only within the EU member states but also in Europe’s peripheral countries which are not yet members in the club. Although the deep-seated root causes of the EU-skepticism in major EU member states have been extensively studied in the extant literature, there is a slight academic involvement in European states outside the EU or new member states at the periphery.

This workshop aims at conceptualizing and empirically mapping the drivers and root-causes of contesting “Europe” at the periphery. Specifically, it investigates the extent to which there is convergence/divergence in terms of contestation discourse in Europe’s periphery in terms of socio-cultural, economic, political, security and identity dimensions. In this respect, the workshop focuses on how political actors, media and public in Europe’s periphery frame the EU in domestic debates during the last two decades through the major crises the EU had faced. As a part of the Jean Monnet Networking Linking to “Europe” at the Periphery (LEAP) project, we are organizing a two-day workshop for scholars, early career researchers and doctoral students and experts—representing different fields of social sciences and humanities—to contribute the topic of how “Europe” is contested at the periphery in the time of crisis. The workshop includes a seminar by Professor Simon Usherwood (Open University/the UK) on “how emergent national eurosceptic movements benchmark against other countries”.

  • Workshop & Seminar
  • 25 papers
  • Total 50 participants (approx.)

The workshop is organized by Eskişehir Osmangazi University (Turkey) and will take place in Eskişehir on 15th -16th October 2022. There is no participation fee for this workshop. The organizers will also cover accommodation, lunch and coffee breaks for all the participants. There could possibly be a limited travel budget for selected early career researchers submitting the full papers and travelling outside of Eskişehir.

Please, send a 250 word abstract in English to the following email: until 20th August, 2022. Decisions on submitted abstracts will be communicated by 25th August, 2022. Successful candidates should submit their full papers by 30th September, 2022. seminar on Euroscepticism as a transnational and pan-European phenomenon.

Papers presented at the workshop will be compiled in a special issue in a high-impact academic journal. The issue will be focusing on “the drivers and causes of contesting ‘Europe’ at the periphery in the time of crisis”. The participants will also receive a certificate of attendance.

In case of questions or queries, please contact the organizer (Dr. Ali Onur Özçelik, Eskişehir Osmangazi University) from the above email address.

You can download the event programme from here when it is announced.

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Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union