D1: LEAP Project Website

A professionally developed project website will be launched at a very early stage of the project which would increase the visibility of the LEAP project. The project website will mainly help to share the results, lessons learned and outcomes and findings with the wider community beyond the partners the LEAP project as well as to accelerate the interaction between the partners, which is crucial for a Network. The website will continue to be available for 5 years after the life-time of the project.

The first goal of dissemination and exploitation is to spread projects' results. The second goal is to contribute to the implementation and shaping of national and European policies and systems. Beneficiaries should develop their own way of achieving this goal.
- Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2020

The main impact of the project website will mainly be on two groups: researchers of the Network and the wider academic and epistemic community. It will have an impact of the researchers of the Network in the sense that it will enable all the partners monitor progress of the project and will keep channels of communication open between the partners. It will also help to share the results stemming from the events and research of the LEAP project with the wider community, thereby contributing to the enhancement of knowledge on the EU and EU integration in line with the research questions of the LEAP project.

Project website which covers all the public information related to the LEAP Project.
Çağrı Gezenler
Dissemination & Visibility Coordinator

P2: Eskisehir Osmangazi University (ESOGU)

Project Partners


Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union