Miruna Butnaru-Troncotă

Local Coordinator

Miruna Butnaru-Troncotă, PhD is lecturer in the Department of International Relations and European Studies of National University of Political Science and Public Administration (SNSPA) since 2016. Since 2019 she coordinates the Center for European Studies at SNSPA. She has a direct research interest in EU integration, Europeanization and post-conflict reconstruction of the Western Balkans. In the last years she combined academic research with experience in the field of European diplomacy in the Balkans. She graduated the National Program for Young Diplomats organized by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (2011), and she worked as an intern Political officer for the Romanian Embassy in Sarajevo (2013) and the Delegation of the European Union in Prishtina (2014) as an intern – political officer. She has extensive publications in the field of EU enlargement, and she is an alumna of the European Fund for the Balkans. Most recently she published a chapter in the book “International-led State-building and Local Resistance. Hybrid Institutional Reforms in Post-conflict Kosovo” edited by Arolda Elbasani, Routledge, 2019. In the LEAP network, she will be the main coordinator of activities for Romania.


  • 'The association that dissociates' – narratives of local political resistance in Kosovo and the delayed implementation of the Brussels Agreement, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, Volume 18, 2018 - Issue 2: External Governance of State-Building in Post-Conflict Kosovo, pp 219-238.
  • with Vasile Rotaru (ed), Russia and the Former Soviet Space - Intrumentalising Security, Legitimizing Intervention, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017.
  • Post-Conflict Europeanization and the War of Meanings. The Challenges of EU Conditionality in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, Tritonic Publishing House, Bucharest, 2016.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina a Critical Case Study of Europeanization, Tritonic Publishing House, Bucharest, 2014.
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